at the dinner part Daddy got bored so snuck his little angel in to the bathroom to lift up her little dress, bend her over the sink and fuck her tiny bald hole whilst keeping her mouth shut so no one canhear him use his little girl.

Once Daddy is done and has cum inside his baby she spends the rest of the dinner party running around with her Daddy’s cum dripping down her legs


After all the kidding, teasing, and flirting … of which I had thought was all in good fun … I got the distinct impression my sister was no longer kidding around


Can I go running with you, sis??

You gonna run or just stare at my ass….




"I’m ready for our first date, big brother! But I wanna be treated like all those other sluts you date, kay? No need to think I’m different just ‘cause I’m your sister. I’ve been so jealous of those girls you bring home for so long, I wanna know what it’s like to be one."

No, I’m not going to treat you like those other sluts. You’re better than those other sluts because you’re mine. When I claim you tonight, I will own you for the rest of our lives. How, you ask? I’ve been switching your birth control pills. Our baby will be beautiful. I can’t wait to see your big tits even more swollen. 


Oh daddy don’t be silly, you can get me any more pregnant


I spend all day every day naked and horny, mindlessly frigging myself as I wait for my brother to come home…it made sense to start sending him photos of it, so that he’d know just how wet his sister-slut was for him.


Both me and Carrie were surprised by the amount of cum daddy had managed to spray over us. He was still dripping on the floor as mom managed to take a photo of Carrie lovingly leaning her head down on my shoulder. I could feel the cum slowly run down my face. I tried to wipe it away so I wouldn’t get any in my eye and mom kept taking picture after picture. Dad was panting and sat down on a chair, finally release his cock that had started to soften. “Goddamnit, that was good!” he said, shivering. He tucked his cock inside his underwear and started to zip up his pants.

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This is so me


Take the picture little brother, mom needs to know what she’s been missing


Your turn son. I hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds. Your father just couldn’t wait.