Come on brother, mom and dad are asleep, they won’t catch us. You’ve been staring at my cleavage all night, and it’s been turning me on, come on I think we can help each other out.


I let my brother take all of his frustrations out on me. I hope he never finds another girlfriend, because I don’t want this to stop.


I can’t help but smile knowing I’ve helped my little brother get off, and it’s even more fun when it gets on my face, it makes me feel so dirty.



My baby brother knew the rules. First he makes me cum, then he gets his turn.

<3 Glad to see we’re not the only household with this rule :P


"But Dad…" she said sadly, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. "I said I was sorry!"

"And I accept your apology. You still need to be punished so you remember not to disobey my rules in the future."

She pouted, but knew better than to argue with him. So she simply rested her forehead against the cool glass of the window and watched as people below passed, oblivious to her. 

She didn’t know how long she stayed in the position he placed her in, only that her knees ached and she was tired.

He finally called her over to him. She rushed over to the couch and into his arms. 

Pulling her panties down, he rubbed her clit tenderly, getting her cunt slick and ready for him. “Do you understand why I had to punish you, Princess?”

"I was naughty," she mumbled, her skin flushing with delight as he pleasured her.

"Yes, you were. Are you going to be naughty in the future?"

"No, Dad. Oh! Please!" His fingers teased at her entrance, but he didn’t push them inside.

Instead, he reached for the dildo he had placed in the side table earlier. With a soft kiss to her cherry lips, he pushed it inside her young cunt. She moaned. 

With a light smack to her bottom, he said, “Now, bedtime. I expect to find the dildo inside you when you awake tomorrow. You will wear it until I say to remove it.”

She frowned, but kissed him goodnight before heading to bed. She knew her cunt would be sore in the morning.


Reminds me of me and my brother. Anyone know what vid this is?


"This is our new friend. You can call her Aunt Bethany. She’s going to be staying with us for a while," Mother explained, her eyes never leaving the new woman.

"Hi, Aunt Bethany!" Sophie said cheerfully, innocently accepting this new woman into her home, accepting the circumstances as only small children can. "Will you play with me?"

Jacob watched as Bethany smiled at his little sister and nodded, causing the little girl to cheer. He wasn’t paying much attention though, thinking of all the ways he wanted to play with this barely-dressed woman. What was she doing here? Who was she? What was happening?

As Sophie dragged Aunt Bethany off to her room to play with her Barbies, Mother took his hand and lead him to the couch. He sat beside her, embarrassed when he realized she probably knew he was hard.

"Jacob, you’re becoming a man. Aunt Bethany is going to teach you what a man does to a woman. Understand?"

"Wait, what? Are you saying…?"

Mother nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. She won’t get pregnant and you can do anything you like with her. If she ever gives you attitude, come to me and your father. We’ll be handling her discipline until we think you’re ready.”

His mouth dry, all he could do was nod. Wow. 

"But…" he mumbled, still confused. This wasn’t normal. None of his friends were given women to fuck by their parents. This was really weird, wash’t it?

"It’s a tradition in our family. We don’t want any unwanted pregnancies now, do we? Now, you will be given an opportunity to spend some quality time with Aunt Bethany tonight. For right now, why don’t you go talk to your father. I’m sure he has some important things to tell you."

He nodded and went off to find his father. Smiling, Mother stood up to find Bethany. Her cunt was soaked from watching the children’s father fuck the whore earlier and the slut really did have quite the talented mouth. Sophie whined when her mother took away her new playmate, but Mother just smiled and said adult play time was more important. Sophie would understand one day.


When you suck at math but you’re brother doesn’t… sometimes it pays to find a way to get him to do your homework for you