My brother loves to get me all worked to the point, that I’m begging him to fuck me.

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Dad.. Is.. Is that.. I think that camera’s on.

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"I like to practice on my brother when he watches TV"

It’s the reason I have so many “favorite shows”.

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Daddy can’t wait for me to get home from school after had has a long day at work.

I’m a Lost Little Switch.

~Sweetest Sarah

I was masurbating like really deep into it, about to cum, my dad walks in and just looks me in the eyes and looks at my pussy and walks out. Will anything change because of this?

I doubt it. Though, it might feel embarrassing for a couple days if you let it. Everybody knows everybody masturbates, so it really shouldn’t be a big deal or anything to be embarrassed about.It can also depends on how open a family is with discussing sex and related topics. I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you, just act natural like it was no big deal. Then, when he sees you aren’t embarrassed about it, he’ll feel more okay about it as well and things should be fine.

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When my sister announced she was getting married I thought it was going to be the end of our special relationship.  Little did I know that she had already talked to her future husband.

I feel fortunate that he doesn’t feel threatened with the place I hold in her heart; that he understands we each fill different needs she has; that she loves us both; and that I got to be the best man at their wedding.

For some reason my daughter always comes home with twin tails. Even when I know for sure she had a completely different style earlier in the day.

Could you try and post a little more often?

I could try. I’ve been pretty busy lately though.

Love your blog. I'm new on here. Glad to find so many like minded people :)

It is indeed nice to find a like minded community :)

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I love this page.

Thank you :)