Welcome home daddy


When my little sister saw my cock for the first time she was a little scared. I could tell she was about to change her mind. So I suggested that she tie me up. That way she could be in control and take her time.

Once she had me restrained she played with me…with it… for hours. It was my greatest joy watching the expressions on her face as she caressed it and rubbed it against herself.

I thought I would loose my mind by the time she worked up the courage to try and mount me.  It took every ounce of my control and willpower not to explode as her core touched me.

She was so unbelievably tight… She’d only take about a half an inch at a time before she’d stop. Each moment I’d watch her face as it would oscillate between pain and pleasure. When she finally took all of me I stared in wonder where our hips met.

She pressed her hands to her stomach and whispered in awe. “You’re so big…”

I wanted this moment to last forever. This wonderful; amazing feeling. There’s no describing it. I had never felt more love for my sister than that single moment.

And then… My cock twitched. She gasped and clenched her muscles. And I shattered. I cried out as my orgasm ripped through me. It was the hardest I had every cummed and when she felt my white hot seed splash inside her she lost herself as well.

It seemed to last an eternity as colored lights and stars flashed across my retinas. I nearly blacked out before I started coming back down. As my vision began to return I could just see the last of her orgasm roll through her before she collapsed on my chest.

I had never wished harder for my hands to be unbound so I could wrap them around her and hold her close. All I could do was whisper how much I loved her and that I’d always take care of her.


She isn’t going to give daddy the chance say no.


my young sister We only took a break from “playing” to see the match, and then we “played” all night.

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Oh god, mom fell asleep naked again…
Maybe I can take a closer look this time…
Yeah, I should do that!

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He was twenty minutes late again, but this time I could see the reason. He was making out with some girl right where I could see him. I couldn’t go out and yell at him because it would blow our cover. What would it look like if his little sister was that jealous of another girl?

It was bad, but I started to enjoy watching it. As I got more excited I realized that this was an opportunity to show him how good of a sister slut I really was. I would start blowing him right here in the car when he finally came over. That would show him.

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My son came to visit me..and well….

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A few mornings after we had late night donutsI walked into the kitchen, still half asleep, to make Pop-Tarts, and my sister was going through the mail and pouring coffee with her robe open and nothing on underneath but a pair of lacy pink Victoria’s Secret looking panties.

I stood there, staring and rubbing my eyes, and she looked over and saw me, gasped, then started laughing. When she was done pouring, she carefully put the coffee pot back on and discretely tied her robe up, but she did it too quickly and it didn’t stay put. When she grabbed her coffee cup and walked toward me, her robe flopped open and one big tit was swinging back and forth inside.

She laughed and tried to close it with her free hand. “God, this keeps happening to us,” she said. “I guess my titties really want you to see them! Not that you mind, right?” She winked at me and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. Her robe opened again, and again her breast pressed against my arm. “Don’t worry,” she whispered in my ear, her warm flesh still touching mine. I could smell the fresh coffee on her breath. “I won’t tell Mom you like my big titties.”

She giggled and went to the table. “Your secret’s safe with me. It’s locked up right in here.” She drew an invisible X with one finger over her giant breast.

She sat down, her breasts jouncing hard as she landed in the chair, and didn’t bother trying to close the robe again. She picked up the paper,  opened to the funnies, and sipped at her coffee. She looked up at me over the page. “There’s more coffee if you want some.”

She went back to the paper.

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Babygirl your cunt is sooo tight. I’m going to make you cum all over Daddy’s cock…

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