"I miss you Daddy. Come home soon!"

I was in the middle of a board meeting when my little girl sent me this. Needless to say I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the meeting. I told them I wasn’t feeling well and was taking the rest of the day off. I don’t even care if they believed me or not.

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After all the flirting and not so innocent touching; this past week Mom and I finally took our relationship to the next level. Every night after Dad falls asleep she sneaks into my room and doesn’t leave until we are both exhausted.

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When I found out my sisters were experimenting with each other I threatened to tell Mom on them unless they included me.

They said I could start with taking some pictures and if I behaved myself they’d consider more later.

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"I never refuse giving my son a blowjob, after all what kind of mother would I be to let him walk around with a constant stiff erection when he has me to take care of them"

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Good girl. Nice and slow.
Feel how Daddy’s cock relaxes you.
Make your little pussy take it baby. Open wide. Let Daddy really get you wet so he can slide his cock straight into your little hole.
Good girl.

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When I felt Dad cumming in me I just lost it

Definitely brings back fond memories. 

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Daddy likes me to spread wide and send him photos.
I can’t wait for him to come home and rape my pussy.

Trying to get Daddy into trouble at work? Naughty girl. You just wait till Daddy get home.

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They teased each other all the time and it was the hottest, most erotic thing he had ever experienced. He couldn’t resist her during their movie nights when they cuddled together, her butt so close to his crotch with barely anything in the way. And she wiggled herself on him on purpose, although he didn’t know that at first. And when he came, she was good enough to act as if nothing had happened, saving him the humiliation.

But then, when she caught him watching porn, and made it clear to him that she would gladly jack him off whenever he felt that need, things were beginning to heat up.

She was beautiful, no one could deny that, and incredibly sexy. She let him feel her up. He would come up from behind her and grind into her while she did the dishes. She would jack him off on his bed, or on the couch - as long as he did his homework. And the first time his cock actually made touched her, skin on skin, between her legs, well…

He figured that as long as he didn’t actually penetrate his mom’s pussy it wasn’t really incest…


Of course it isn’t incest. :D

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Pierce had been home for Christmas only a few hours when his little sister began making obvious sexual advances toward him. He’d been away at university for four years now and hadn’t seen her since he was a freshman. She’d blossomed incredibly during those four years…

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"I can’t wait ‘til you get home!" my little sister said to me over Skype. "We miss you so much," she added, giggling when it took me a second to realize what she meant. 

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